The Dew Drop Inn

Revitalization | 2836 LaSalle | New Orleans


to activate the site by reintroducing and reinterpreting its historical uses in collaboration with youth cultural programming and intergenerational workforce development


Today we see a renewed interest in the revitalization of the historic LaSalle corridor. The Dew Drop Inn represents a focal point of that vision and has great potential for restoring live music and other main street activities as part of the LaSalle Street renaissance.

Kenneth Jackson (grandson of Frank Painia and family representative), Harmony Neighborhood Development, and the Milne Inspiration Center are leading the development team in bringing this New Orleans Institution back.


The adaptive reuse of the Dew Drop Inn includes the revitalization of every historic use the site once featured, with an added theme of intergenerational workforce development.


  1. Maintain, where possible, the more significant historical structure, typology and elements; limit the demolition to less significant parts and components.
  2. Address accessibility and safety issues for the site and the building.
  3. Assure a sufficient level of independence among the different program components while allowing for controlled and functional interface.
  4. Reclaim the outdoor areas as an extension of the indoor activities in a sequence of multi-purpose shared spaces.